Mothers Pasta Bows

You will get all the ingredients for my mothers Pasta Bows below.

​Prep time 10 minutes, Hob time 20 minutes.

Make the sauce first...Add one tin of chopped tomatoes (400g), then add salt and pepper, cooking on a medium heat, adding a teaspoon of sugar, adding the mixed herbs (28g), add 90ml of white wine and 4 chopped cloves of garlic, finally adding 150ml of double cream 5 minutes before the pasta is ready.
After the mixed herbs are added start boiling a pot of water adding 250G of Farfalle pasta (pasta bows) leave to boil for 12 minutes till the pasta floats to the top of the water then test one bow to check if the middle is tender, once cooked drain the water in a large colander. Now add the sauce and stir till pasta is coated....serve, job done



Sauce : Make this first
Chopped Tomatos (400g tin)
Lambrusco wine (90ml)
Sugar half a teaspoon
Salt and Pepper
Mixed Herbs (28g)
Garlic (4 cloves)
​Double Cream (150ml)

Farfalle Pastza Bows (250g)
Boiling water